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04.18.2012 , 11:04 PM | #16
They are not giving out an answer because they are scared what it will do to their subscription. I have already cancelled my subscription because most of the PvP changes in 1.2 was terrible. However, the lowered TTK is the main cause of all the imbalances in the game. It reward burst damage too much and rendered healing and sustained damage pointless. I had a Full BM Sorc Pre 1.2 and I was still getting burst down by Marauders in a few global's, but I was fine with that because they were my counter class.

Now that the TTK is so low, Sorc are practically useless. Healing is pointless, sustain damage is pointless, and we are the most fragile class in game. I have barely touched my Sorc since 1.2. I just play on my ridiculously OP marauder. I don't even need to play smart anymore, actually its more like I can't even if I want to... I just go in and do my burst rotation and pray my team have more burst damage.

The fastest way to save the PvP is to undo all the PvP changes in 1.2.