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I like the gifts and the mats that drop from the crates. Every now and then it's nice to get a new silly pet.

For gearing itself, though, the drop rate of anything of quality is abysmal. I've had characters go through 100 levels without ever getting a single gold gear item. It's almost always relics and implants that aren't even right for your character, or green junk. I've never seen a single 252 item or crystal in hundreds and hundreds of crates. Yeah, theoretically you can turn it all into UCs and exchange it for crystals, but the exchange rate is ridiculous and not worth it IMHO.

Having said that, I like the concept of the crates and being able to dissolve things for UCs. I wish they'd just tweak the drop rates somewhat.
I might agree with this if the drop rate that was disintergrated into "scrap" (for lack of the appropriate term) ... didn't take an eternity to get one single part for one single character... My goodness I've done a LOT of grinding in my time (like over a period of 15 + years in 3 different games ) ... BUT YIKES !!! This one takes the cake.

IMO ... If BW wants to salvage the latest crate system:
1. Make them more relavant (as you pointed out)
2. At the VERY least it should not take an eternity to get a character / alt fleshed out.
3. That should not make all of the TOP end stuff available. THE REALLY good stuff should be limited to crafting and or OPS .. or equally tough PvP or PvE awards.
4. THE REALLY extreme super duper ..." look what I've got" drops MIGHT happen in a crate ... but RARELY.
(YEAH ... I KNOW ! I get it !)

just my own $.02 worth... (and that's probably ALL it's worth this AM)