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08.17.2014 , 10:30 AM | #18

Commando DPS, Marauder, Sentinel & Guardian DPS (DF 8SM & Kingpin Bounties)

This stream was planned as a very different event - TFB HM. Since something happened and I was not able to go do this ops, I had to rearrange and change something. Ran DF 8SM with a semi PUG via Group Finder which was my first time using the GF tool for Ops. After that I cleared a few Kingpins solo. Some of us thought killing a Kingpin without a companion would be hard(er), well, it was still as easy even with not optimal 180/186 gear. Had to try it ^^
Thanks to the ~150 people who visited my stream and the few new followers I got this day! I always try to make the events I stream entertaining, regardless of what I and my group do.

Next video will be Forged Alliances (Empire & Republic Version) - Full Completed Story with Dialogues, Cut scenes and all the Flashpoints.
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