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Thanks for this guide. I'm a dummy tank, so I find it useful.

Minor point, though. In your guide you have...

Itís easy to accidentally double-click Guard: activating Guard is on the GCD but deactivating it is off the GCD.

I'm not sure this is true. I have, many times on my DPS sin, struggled with trying to quickly deactivate a guard while at the same time continuing to attack. I always seem to have to wait for the GCD to get it to turn off. So I experimented with it today with my kinetic combat shadow (in spawn, waiting for matches to start... just in case it's different there or something).

It seems a bit weird. I would throw guard on someone. Then use whirling blow to activate the GCD. Then try to remove guard, and it would never work before the GCD with just a single activation. What it would do is seem to sort of cancel the GCD. That is, the little line that moves down your ability icons would vanish and they would all "turn on" again - but they were not actually ready. I could not, for example, use WB then try to remove guard and then use WB again really fast to get 2 WB before the GCD expired.

However if I did the remove guard twice in a row really fast, then it would work before the GCD. But not using it just once.

And I tried exactly what you warn about, tapping my keybind to turn ON guard, but tapping it twice really fast, so that if the 2nd one registered it would effectively deactivate guard. But it didn't do that. It always left the guard going.

Well, that's a lot of complication for a pretty minor point. But there it is anyway.

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