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If you have ever read any of my thousands of posts and threads on pvp, you would know I agree 100% with this. But your solutions arenít the way to fix it.

Might I suggest you jump over to the pvp forums and have a read of some of the ideas over there.
Okay let me give an example: Take Ancient Hypergate, without the kill count and the ability to grab both pylons the teams would be fighting over orb gathering which I am fine with because youíre doing the objective trying to gather more orbs before the other team. Nothing wrong with that.

The turret oriented ones same thing, youíre focused on the objective. Eg. A team gets two of the side turrets but not mid, they are unable to get mid at all leaving them to have to to fend off the team from stealing theirs or stop them from getting mid all together and youíd still need someone there guarding them just in case that does happen, eg. you have 1 person at one of the turrets which is what most teams end up doing two to 4 people come after that turret and take it before you can stop them. But if they donít have mid itís still a fight for both teams to get either mid or the other one back the lock out only happens when 1 team gets both. Honestly itís the teams that go for all 3 that bug me. It really just stops them from being able to take all 3 and allows people to get at least 8 medals.
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