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05.29.2019 , 07:28 PM | #3
Oh dear.....

I’m all for making pvp better, but some of these suggestions would just dumb it down even further and make it worse

People already don’t play properly, doing some of what the OP suggests would make people care even less.
(Idea’s 1 to 4 are just ridiculous IMO)
You may as well remove all semblance of objectives and turn it into battle royal.

I’m all for choosing maps, but we already don’t have enough people anymore. The “window” for introducing map choice has passed us by. It should have been introduced 6-7 years ago.

I am for the queue system changing so that Hutt Ball map pops are treated as one. When a HB popped, it would then roll the dice again to determine which map. This would reduce HB pops to be back inline with other maps instead of them being 33-40% of all the map types that pop.

I would also like to see Arena maps put back into the normal rotations during primetime. I was a strong advocate of them reverting in the reg queue to 4v4 when the queue numbers dropped, but I was never an advocate of them removing them from the normal primetime rotation.