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i believe this is why it was changed in the first place

we need a combination of both. black out ability's on cooldown the way it was before, but don't black out any available in GCD that are not on cooldown. (hope that makes sense)
Makes plenty of sense to me. I would prefer this compromise to both the new and old system actually.

As a Jedi Guardian it's nice to be able to see when my proc abilities are available during GCD - I don't mind that change. But at the same time I also need those skills that are on their own seperate cooldowns to be properly greyed out so I can clearly see when they're still on cooldown and when they're not.

With the blue-on-blue color scheme the current system makes it really hard to see the skill-specific cooldowns with my peripheral vision simply due to the lack of contrast in color between the skills and the cooldown bar. Longer cooldowns are even worse as the cooldown bar moves a lot slower and becomes an almost unnoticeable sliver once it gets to the bottom of the icon, which means it's hard to see even if I'm staring at the skillbar full-on.

The GCD I don't mind staying as it is right now, because the cooldown indicator moves really fast and it affects almost the entire skillbar. There is almost no way I can miss the GCD.

It's the regular skill cooldowns that I'm having trouble with and those are the ones I'd like to see changed back to the way they were.

Especially Jedi Guardians and Sentinels need way more contrast for this system to work. Blue-on-blue just doesn't work out very well no matter how sharp your eyesight is.
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