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04.16.2019 , 12:26 PM | #2
I think the ability that most needs attention is Spike. If you're not a tank doing PVP, this ability just isn't useful. It takes up a spot on your ability tray but it's hardly ever used. Let's fix that. Some examples of potential tactical item upgrades:

•When used from stealth, Spike stuns for 4 seconds instead of 2. (The stealth requirement is there, so tanks don't abuse it)

•When used from stealth, Spike no longer stuns and instead does triple damage and is an automatic critical hit (this allows spike to become part of your opener and contribute to your burst)

•When used from stealth, Spike makes you immune to stuns for 6 seconds.

•Spike can be used while stunned (stealth requirement is removed while stunned)

Just please find a way to make this ability more useful or just remove it. You can give tanks a tree upgrade that attaches a 2 second stun to some other ability. In its current form, Spike feels like the most filler ability in the game.