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I agree with what you're saying. But buffing charged plating and/or nerfing armor piercing is not the solution. The game is already perfectly balanced between the Charged plating Rampart, Ion GS, and T2 Scout. If you start making changes to their components, it throws off that delicate balance. They just need to find another way to make Strikes more relevant.

It would have been really cool if they could have balanced out Strikes with charged plating in the beginning, but it's too late in the game now to be tinkering with builds that people already love to fly. I guess they could make Strike CP different than Bomber CP. Maybe Strike CP works against BLCs and bomber CP doesn't. But that's kinda sloppy.
Honestly, do you think scouts deserve armor piercing lasers? If BLC didn't have armor piercing it would make bombers harder for scouts to kill, which would open the door for other platforms to be bomber busters.... say platforms with heavier shields and hull and or charged plating themselves. Or can you think of a better way to go about this? I know you're happy with having a high damage and armor piercing point blank shot gun weapon on your scout and if at all possible, improvements to the strike fighter should be done without nerfing someone else.

My hope is to increase the firepower of strike fighters... say perhaps a new high dps mid range laser, and faser locking, reloading, and higher ammo missiles...
I'm imagining the starguard and rycer could use better turning... it's not like they have as much armor as scouts
but if they also got the engine capacity boost one pilot has asked for would that be overkill? Or would scouts still have a role? That the current scout pilots can live with?
Perhaps the engine capacity boost could go to the T2 and T3 strikes only? or would it be best if the Starguard and Rycer turn no better then now, but get the long legs to hit and run?