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07.19.2015 , 06:13 AM | #511
A scout can press two buttons (cool downs) and suddenly be nearly invulnerable and deadly, even come to a complete stop in-front of enemy guns (stacked evasion with distortion field, targeting telemetry with the defensive buff)
Can a strike fighter do this? It could have if it's components worked. Charged plating is supposed to provide a damage reduction during it's up period, it's a cool down so the excuse scouts give 'well it's not all the time' applies too. But armor piercing is too common, it's available even on weapons that should not have armor piercing and it's 100% so anything with armor as a defense is naked before them. Anything that does high dps is already armor piercing even if it shouldn't be like: burst lasers, a weapon supposedly using multiple small energy pulses.... is armor piercing when that is the opposite of a dense co-inherent penetrating weapon. (Shotguns typically don't piercing armor plates.... but low tech polish lances can and in fact did.)

So armor and armored targets becomes virtually useless to anyone using one of these high dps weapons.. if you want to bring back armor into the light, some of these weapons, especially the ones used by light weight fighting vehicles should get less.... perhaps only 75.... 50.... or 25 percent armor piercing. If that happens bombers will suddenly come off the floor as being tough enough to take the abuse scouts can dish out, and strikes, with their torpedoes and missiles (weapons most bombers can't even dodge) might have a role engaging them.... not to mention strikes with armor (not the T1 unless the damage reduction of charged plating becomes a non-armor factor since it can't stack it with an armor comp) will be more of a factor in the game.

Rail-guns do have the right physics for armor piercing.... but if you want more game balance perhaps they should also only get 75 or 50 percent armor penetration.... then someone with charged plating who's getting hit by a gunship won't be surprised to find out their super damage resistance cool down, doesn't resist damage dealt by gunships. Who knows, perhaps the T2 gunship with it's proton torps might get new life as it will need to lob those torps at bombers and strikes, and gunship walls might become less of a fixture of the battle field

(since when was stationary fighters firing away at range ever seen in any star wars movie?)