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Lastly the Juggernaut utility setup is outdated, some of the utilities listed do not exist anymore. Also, though is more of a preference, I really recommend taking Unshackling Rage as a Juggernaut as it is a ridiculously good movement utility that way outshines a cooldown reduction on one hardstun.
I noticed this too. It looks like she updated it though. I do tend to take the reduced CD on force stasis though it's hardly mandatory. Basically I'm the same as her for the first tier, for the second tier I take unremitting (the push pull immunity for 4s). Since she changed it, we have the same third tier. For the last tier, again we both take the reflect but different secondaries. But neither is really a mandatory, so meh.

We also disagree on what is mandatory. While I agree the 30s reduction on focused/enraged defense is, I would include the reflect length increase as well. Sure it's a bigger deal in PvE, where it's an exceptional threat tool with that point, but especially with all the mercs around reflecting. At least in regs, ours tends to get ignored and is very useful.