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01.17.2012 , 11:36 AM | #6
I am also a female gamer, going light side all the way as well and have played partway first as Balance and then found a better server, rerolled there and am leveling so far as Healer. Only have Qyzen and Theran so far but Theran I agree with you. I dislike him and so far have no need for him. Qyzen I like his personality and he's definitely my buddy. Although he has some annoying combat bugs - the AoE thing turning on all the time will be fixed in next patch. But he takes a long time to attack mobs once I tell him to which gets annoying. But I use him since my only other choice is Theran so far. I'm hoping I'll like some of the future companions better. One odd thing about Theran, his personality is exactly as you said but his voice and look doesn't match his personality at all if you know what I mean. O.o But Theran seems to enjoy being my crafting ***** along with my droid so I can take some satisfaction from making him go do chores for me.