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Clearly the title was designed to attract attention. However, I value your opinions on our companion characters. I hope that someone can point out endearing characteristics about them that would show me the light, so to speak, so I don't continue to find them all too annoying.

Me: level 50 Pure Healer spec, maxed light side (the entire way through) (female gamer and toon)

Qyzen Fess:

Playability-okay. I never had any real issues with him tanking for me, other than his lag time getting into combat, or going from enemy to enemy, and his overuse of area effects that ruined my cc. However, he was okay.

Personality-wise, he was a bit of a jerk. He never liked my light side choices unless they were about killing things for scores,and he was basically a braggart. I couldn`t stand how he kept judging people for being weak, when he couldn't do much of anything solo without me there to save his skin. I just found this a bit too 2-dimensional for character development when what he went through on Typhon should have taught him some compassion for others.

Theran Cedrax:




Lt. Felix Iresso:


this brings me to...

Nadia Grell:


Anyway, to sum up, I found the consular companions to be 2-dimensional charicatures at best, and completely misogynistic fan-boi fantasies at worst. Thankfully, now that I'm at level 50, I won't need to use any of them very often.

Please let me know your opinions, especially if you disagree. I would like to know if you are seeing something that I am not.

Thank you.
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