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01.27.2017 , 03:11 PM | #8
have you noticed this only now.
that buggs my since the game launched.
while other gamecompanys/devs implement things and test them on the long terms befor releasing,
buy-o-ware only throws elemnts in without finetuning or testing.
then they tune around it in the hole cycle. instead of thinking through and adjusting befor they throw it online and do fixes.
and THIS happen since release of 1.0

they dont think it through, and guess why the community is so full of rage and hatred.
but now we know why. they change their devs team more than once in a year. there is no point in anything they do, only implementing parts without testing or thought out in long terms..
thats why we always get ultra nerfs instead of adjusting in a soft ways.

- implementing
- alpha testing ( early access )
- finetuneing ( beta testers all get access )
- tuning till it fits
- next DLC
- rinse repeat!

or why ya thinking they removed the bugg reports from their hp. so nobody could hate on this corner of the forums

we let them get away with it since start, so why should they change anything.
and while they need to fix their **** the hole cycle between addons, they dont have time to create new stuff.
isnt this obvious enough
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