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Just going to post this here, I posted it in the PVP section also. Thanks to Aceite for finding the 3.3 patch notes.

Below is what was written by SWTOR devs regarding 3.3

Essentially what Snave and others are pointing out is that the grind should not be frontloaded for gears as it is.

In 3.3, they understood this and even talk in length on why they made the early sets of PVP gears easier to get.

They said to get the dark reaver set, yes it would take longer but at least with the entry level gear set it would be easy for players to get their foot in the door and participate without too large of a gear gap between themselves and those in top tier PVP gears.

I just want to know, how in 2 years time a dev team goes from being logical to totally illogical regarding gearing?

3.3 also included more options to move accrued comms through legacy making it so the players had more freedom and choices with how they spent their winnings, essentially enabling them to gear their alts easier.

All of the fun aspects of the gearing system have been stripped away and replaced with a very inconsistent gearing system relying on RNG and a heavy grind mechanic now.

This is stupid, and an awful direction to take the game. Period. This company knows it too.

Just 2 years ago they patched in huge changes at the time to make the gearing system better, yet now they revert back to a system they themselves removed due to being too grindy!
Um, they got a new Producer in August just before 4.0 in December. He's the same guy that told use "RNG was exciting"
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