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Question Kendra... why is high alacrity good on 248? Why not also on 258?

I personally did not find the high alacrity that useful and am not putting points into crit. I haven't tested enough to have a sweet spot .
I totally just noticed this question... sorry lol.

Im sure high alacrity serves the same purpose for 258 it does in 248 - to shorten the GCD.

Lower GCD = more attacks overall = more damage is the logic here. (With the addendum that using an entire attack does more damage generally than a lucky occasional crit).

Shorter fights mean less abilites get off anyway, which means you might not notice a big difference.

My earlier statement should be interpreted as you should not go for high alacrity at gear lower than 248. Higher than 248, i still would (were i going for gear higher than 248).