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1) Saber Ward versus mostly white damage, it's less efficient versus yellow. Saber reflect on something big that you know you can reflect, so in PvP it would be Heatseekers, Volatile substance, Ambush etc. In PvE use it against single target ranged skills (so, versus lots of ranged adds that target you or a bigger enemy channeling some plasma beam or unload on you) or against AoE attacks (quite a few ground targeted AoEs in PvE can be reflected, like Fire on Karagga's last boss etc). Enraged defense - pop it only when really low on health (around 20-30%), it heals for so much that you don't want to overheal with it by popping it too early. Ideally, you should have some DoT ticking on you as well, to guarantee the stacks consumption.

2) Rotation is more or less solid but don't use Chilling scream in PvE. I am guessing you put it either for PvP purposes to slow people (which is a good idea) or read an old PvE guide that uses the old Chilling Scream's Legendary utility which got nerfed and is not worth it anymore.

3) For PvE you want minimum of 1857 alacrity (1859 is the magic number in full 258), can go over it by like ~50 points, just don't go lower. Minimum of 735 accuracy or again, a bit higher. Rest goes into critical rating. If you are consistently playing PvP though, you might want to run the lower alacrity build which is still fine for PvE, in most cases. That would be a minimum of 702 alacrity (Note: 702 and 1857 are the breakpoints for GCD time, anything between those numbers is a waste, so we try to stick as close to them as possible, just don't get below the respective breakpoint), 1900-2000 critical rating, same accuracy and then remaining stats into Mastery. You could just change between accuracy and mastery stims for PvE/PvP, this would put you at around 106% accuracy in PvP which isn't so bad for Rage. Or you could get extra pieces of gear without Accuracy to swap them in for PvP.