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03.11.2019 , 02:10 PM | #1
I've finally got the courage to try out a melee class. I've always been range since launch and I wanted to do something different. Firstly I know my performance lacked in objective play & class mechanics. I kept telling myself "..hey what happened to my heat-seeker missile..." then realizing I'm not on my Mercenary. Also I'm not as mobile (turning) to what I'm used to. I do have some questions to those experienced melee players out there:

1) Is their a preference/order of the 3 defensive skills (Saber reflect/ward, Enraged Defense)...depending on the situation? When I was being global-ed I didn't bother wasting it unless I was on the verge of killing their heals.
2) I won't be talked out of playing "Rage" my rotation is this (situational): [[1]] Saber Throw, {Enrage}-Raging Burst, Obliterate, Force Crush, Furious Strike, Viscous Throw, Ravage and Chilling Scream. [[2]] Raging Burst, Obliterate, Sundering Assault, Furious Strike, Retaliation, Force Scream and Chilling Scream. Then back to one starting with "Enrage". Is this good on both PVE & PVP?
3) Besides having my ACC at 110 +/- what would be the ball-park numbers for the other stats?