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12.16.2011 , 07:24 AM | #9
If you go into Origin Help (from the site or software) and hit the Call Back option - they will usually call you within a couple minutes. Both times I have used it, I would walk away from computer (and phone) after clicking it, and end up running back in the room to answer their call.

Also, they are EXTREMELY helpful. Both times I called them my problem was fixed immediately (One being Orgin account having two xbox gamertags associated and messing up xbox connectivity and Find Friends function; the other being no confirmation/tracking/etc of my Security Key order. I got confirmation on the security key by email while still on the phone with them, during a ~3 minute phone call)

Also, I see no reason you cannot cancel today, since release isn't actually until the 20th, and chances are when you pre-ordered you had no idea you were getting the key early. Just don't redeem the key on the website. If it's a non-activated key, you probably have until the 19th to cancel, even if you can only do so by phone.