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05.11.2019 , 10:56 PM | #178
I completely agree that the companion romance options are broken and SWTOR are zero f's given on fixing them. In my case, I was unable to cancel a companion conversation. I spammed the crap out of my escape button but I was forced into a relationship with a toon that I DID NOT WANT. I have sent in tickets only to be told too bad so sad you're stuck with this. My issue is that on other games and non-gaming related material, my keyboard works perfectly. So, this can't be my system; instead, a game issue.
If SWTOR continues to refuse to fix this, the very least they could do is set up a terminal where you can change your romantic partner preference. I'd spend the damned credits at the terminal to change. This is my main toon, my healer who has nim completed content and this has totally screwed me over and tbh diminished my enthusiasm with the game because these people don't care that they're screwing over ppl who've been playing since launch.