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11.03.2018 , 05:19 AM | #176
Here we are in November of 2018, and I've only just discovered this issue. Like other people, after flirting/romancing with Lana throughout Revan and KOTFE, it seemed odd that flirt options disappeared and nothing else was ever mentioned, but I just assumed it was the story. Not until these last couple of weeks did I discover the "Lana Romance Bug" and that my flag had not been set, the romance was not locked in, the marriage proposal was never an option.

I missed out on the "Error in Alliance Records" mission as a fix for the proposal, because of the bug where my romance flag was never set.

Contacting customer service about this now, I am told "tough luck". We have gone back and forth several times, and the response I get is "We can't fix it", but with no further explanation as to WHY they can't fix it.

I want to take this issue to higher authority but I've no idea how. Either the customer service person's manager, or whatever, whoever. Does anyone have any idea how to contact someone with more authority?

The story-driven aspect of this game is what really drew me in and kept me playing. This aspect of the story is very important to me, and this screwup on their part and refusal to fix it is killing my enjoyment of the game and got me thinking seriously of dropping my subscription and moving on to something else.