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I had the same thing happening to me and I reported this bug in game and they told me to post about it on the forums as well (and this thread seems relevant enough to do so).

So bascily before patch 4.2a I played through chapter X with my sniper, was able to do it completely until the end with nothing out of the ordinary, except that after completing the chapter, it didn't actually complete. Then they did patch 4.2a, fixed that bug, but I had to do the entire chapter again on said sniper and couldn't be bothered with it until yesterday.

Everything went fine until the last conversation on Odessen. There, just like November, Kalyo and my sniper suddenly both seemed to think they had romanced eachother, and I got the "lock in or break up" tree with the warnings. Strangely enough I did not get the romance indication when first meeting Kalyo ("that's my wife"). Also strangely enough the ending worked fine before patch 4.2a, as I'm certain I did not get the strange romance tree at the end then.

I did not romance Kalyo (I *never* romance Kalyo), and I'm fairly certain that sniper romanced ensign Temple. I think he did get her letter when KOTFE starts, but since that was months ago it is gone and I can't check. Which may mean it's only that ending conversation that's bugged?

I contacted both costumer support and filed a bug report. Costumer support said I should file a bug report, the bug report strangely enough contacted me (thought they didn't do that through bug reports) and said I should post it on the forums. Apparantly making a decision of any kind will alter the state of that character, so I'll leave him at that point in the story for now... and hopefully they can fix it sometime soon.
I can confirm that it is still not fixed as of this morning after 4.3b even though they claimed to have fixed agents or somesuch. I am disappoint. I'm still apparently somehow stuck in a relationship with Kaliyo I never began... I exited the mission again and will sit until it is fixed.
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