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Hah it could be that if you manage to come out on top.

I'm not one of the players that loves objective based game types. I'll assist my team in completing objectives ( defend the ball carrier, capture points, guard doors in voidstar, ect ) but all of that is secondary to a good fight. To me a quality match ( 8v8 ) is one where both teams are of a similar gear score and even skill level where the fights are long, and a well placed cc can make or break the engagement.

The chaos of an 8v8 tends to bring out the best in me. Well placed slows, taunts, intercedes, aoe taunts, clutch guards that people don't expect, and a fair amount of duels that could go either way result in a high quality match in my opinion. One where the fights are so exciting that winning or losing the match becomes irrelevant. I only care about the quality of each engagement. I'm also partial to outnumbered fights where you have to act quickly to defend yourself and rotate cc on multiple opponents in order to stay alive for as long as possible. On occasion even win a 2 v 1.

Oh and an honorable mention to beating die hard "ranked" players in a 1v1 or our pug team ******** on their premade. Hmm...and a day of pvp is never complete without killing my fair share of mercs, operatives, and snipers.

I'm sure you can see a trend. So long as there's a trail of bodies i'm happy.
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