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06.26.2019 , 11:20 AM | #70
Wow everyone bit this bait hook, line and sinker. What it comes down to is that a couple of posters don't want a CM, that someway in their minds it is P2W. The will keep baiting this and people keep replying. The real question you need to ask yourself is if you believe or don't believe that the game is worth the sub, with the availability of the cash shop (because if you think its going anywhere your sadly mistaken. This is EA people). Or, that the month sub isn't worth it, and move on.

But this horse has been dead for days, it is really starting to stink up the place...

Personally, I am fine with the CM, it is all vanity crap, and if your smart you can make 10-15m just off the 500cc you get each month. I get to just play the game because I don't chase after credits because of this. But I suppose they will try to say that I am P2W because I don't have to spend all my time sniffing up creds in game because of how I use my monthly CC, who knows.....maybe I am an exploiter!
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