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Advantage-producing microtransactions are pay-to-win. SWTOR has them. Secondary grinds are irrelevant.

We're all subject to the impact of SWTOR's gambling products, whether we buy them or not.

6.0 looks to be more problematically monetized than SWTOR is now. I'm not asking for 'gimmies;' I'm advocating for ethics reforms.
(Woah, the golden glow of divine truth, again!)
So...... by your logic, since someone using an XP boost is advantage-producing (Even though crates have already been said to be a SUPPLEMENTARY method to gear, not the primary as you are trying to make them.......unless of course you have no friends and can't get into any of the end-game content because everyone has put you on ignore for some reason I honestly can't phathom at this point) then what about people that put in more time? That is advantage producing as well, and as we all know.... time is money my friend.

So, I agree with you 10000000%. We need to stop the sale of XP boosts, and people are only allowed to play 3 hours a week because that is all I have time to play and anything more than that 3 hours is advantage-producing. I pay the same amount a month as them but don't get the amount of time to put in.