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Tuant is not supposed to be used on cooldown, especially since some bosses drop aggro regularly, but there are times you have to.

This is part of the reason tanks have been switching some tank mods to dps mods. You hit harder and can maintain threat better. I find when running with top-geared dps that my tank (running with lethal mods and dps relics) will sometimes lose aggro even when using their high-threat abilities on cooldown. You guard one dps, and the another one then gets aggro.

Burst dps will get threat faster than dot dps but all types of dps can end up taking aggro in longer fights.

Good dps have to be prepared to handle a litte aggro sometimes. You do have threat drops for a reason, and most classes have a short-term dcd they can toss up until the tank gets the boss back.

That's part of the reason I like stealth classes, you have the basic threat drop, and then combat stealth which is the ultimate 'reset threat to zero' threat drop.
Stealthy heals, stealthy dps, stealthy tank.