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If you have a stealth Alt or one other person you can group with, just spam red reaper solo or together and it takes 7-12 mins per run.

I can easily solo RR on vet mode now and Iím sure I could do it on MM if the second boss didnít always one shoot my healing comp.

My wife and I mostly run MM RR together and it takes about 8-9 mins on two Sins or about 12 mins on non stealth classes.

We never use group finder as itís not needed and most of them are noobs who would only slow us down.
Tangent, but if your comp is getting one shot by the droid, you're not clicking the pylons to change the colors. The droid boss barely does any damage with mechanics, and you can completely avoid them some to all of the time depending on your stealth class (Concealment Operative can ignore 100% of the beams, Lethality and Deception is dependent on cooldowns).