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The only thing I can think of is your CPU is the limiting factor here. What colour does the in game FPS colour go when your getting 24FPS?

Maybe list everything in your PC, including MB model and we can investigate a bit further.
Full System would be:
Geforce RTX 2080 GPU
Ryzen 2600 OC'ed at 4 Ghz CPU
3333Mhz CL14 t1 Ram
MSI X470 Pro Carbon Mainboard

As I said that only happen when I use the 4x OGSSAA from the first page, x8 Multisampling works fine but is nowhere near as pretty. Also got a new Issue, when I put the Ingame AA to high or very high all my effects go missing which kinda sucks, very high and 8x MSAA was somewhat tolerable atleast.