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I actually would dread losing a cherished name over any material asset in my MMOs. Like the OP said, credits and such can be replaced. Even with using special characters, it's never really the same. Though, you might try giving Hollie as surname and make use of the new space feature (OP has been gone long enough that she may not know about that). So, make your new gal, Hollie Smith (or whatever).

Another option is to reach out to the new Hollie and ask for the name back. That may require providing them with a free rename token. But you're on Ebon Hawk (as am I), and most players are willing to be helpful. I have crafting alts and, if a player contacted me to acquire on their names, I'd probably go along with it.
Yup Ebon Hawk is the south of SWTOR, we are all friendly folks, and have nice hospitality, but if you mess with us or someone we are friends with we just point to the shotgun over the fireplace mantel.
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