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Yep, total waste of alac augs that cant be transferred to an alt and still hold that same value, right? News flash, to some people time is worth more than money. Other news flash - people are different.
yeah, just that there is some flaw in your logic: in order to maintain optimal stats for every toon, you gotta do your "great" aug management on all of them. where exactly to you plan to use all of these wasted alacrity augs then?

news flash: grinding 60 million creds or 32 CMTs for every toon takes way longer than grinding the 258 pieces, so its definitly not easier, since we were talking about the easiest way.

ok, unless you are one of the credit seller customers or buy things for CC to resell them. thats way easier, if you wanna spend hundrets of dollars for optimal stats, each his own.