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Disclaimer: these calculations are only for 1857 alacrity, specs like Arsenal, Lightning and Carnage need extra math (might do it later).

So, this seems to be the most optimal setup for DPS 258 gear (not what Smarty has on his spreadsheet) – this only requires one healer’s piece while we wait for 258 Offhand; and when we will have it, you will not need any healer’s pieces. But Smarty’s setup requires purchasing 2 healer’s pieces, you can’t get around that. So, here we go.

• Alacrity: Earpiece, Implant, Implant, Head, Offhand + 6 240 rating Alacrity augments = 5x253 + 6x99 = 1859
• Accuracy: Hands, Feet + Yellow Stim = 253 + 253 + 240 = 746
• Critical rating: everything else, specifically – Legs, Chest, Mainhand + 8 Critical augments + 1 Eviscerating Crystal (2nd crystal should be Mastery) + Relics + Stim = 3x253+8x99+41+74+74+99 = 1839
There is an alternately optimized configuration, given the restrictions of 5.10 on MH/OH. This alternative does not require healer gear purchases, and uses only the default gear from the set items (with a few caveats):

Accuracy - gloves, boots, stim = 746
Alacrity - head, offhand, 14 augs = 1875 (1.3s gcd)
Crit - chest, legs, jewelry x3, relics x2, crystal x2 = 1830

3 things of note:
1) your 5.10 config above states you would need to to get a healers chest for the alacrity, but my config does not require it, amd uses the default offhand alacrity

2) your 5.10 config would also use the 248 crit enhancement in the offhand, which isnt reflected in your 1839 crit rating (would be 1839-253+231=1817. My config would have 1830 crit, and again, use all default pieces

3) my config includes 14 240 alacrity augs, and when MH/OH 258 is released, you will only need 6 240 alac augs. That said, you could also use 8 240 alac augs + 6 228 (or 236) alac augs and still reach the 1857 threshold for 1.3s gcd, but you lose out on the added power and endurance of the full 240 aug build.