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Disclaimer: these calculations are only for 1857 alacrity, specs like Arsenal, Lightning and Carnage need extra math (might do it later).

So, this seems to be the most optimal setup for DPS 258 gear (not what Smarty has on his spreadsheet) – this only requires one healer’s piece while we wait for 258 Offhand; and when we will have it, you will not need any healer’s pieces. But Smarty’s setup requires purchasing 2 healer’s pieces, you can’t get around that. So, here we go.

• Alacrity: Earpiece, Implant, Implant, Head, Offhand + 6 240 rating Alacrity augments = 5x253 + 6x99 = 1859
• Accuracy: Hands, Feet + Yellow Stim = 253 + 253 + 240 = 746
• Critical rating: everything else, specifically – Legs, Chest, Mainhand + 8 Critical augments + 1 Eviscerating Crystal (2nd crystal should be Mastery) + Relics + Stim = 3x253+8x99+41+74+74+99 = 1839

We do not have a 258 Offhand yet, so for now, to reach 1859 alacrity, we get a healer’s chest piece (which has alacrity instead of critical like on DPS chest), use the enhancement from there. And use a 248 critical enhancement for offhand.
So, the setup for now goes like this.

• Alacrity: Earpiece, Implant, Implant, Head, Chest + 6 240 rating Alacrity augments = 5x253 + 6x99 = 1859
• Accuracy: Same.
• Critical: Legs, Offhand (248), Mainhand (252) + 8 Critical augments + 2 Eviscerating Crystals + Relics + Stim = 253+236+231+8x99+41+41+74+74+99 = 1841

Healers have the same idea, the only difference is that healers have no accuracy, so they will have 2 extra Critical enhancements. Use 4 less Critical augments and 1 less Critical crystal than in DPS setup and put in 4 Mastery augments and 1 Mastery crystal instead. And, of course, a Red Mastery stim.

P.S. As Toraak pointed out, another option is to not get a healer's chestpiece but to just replace one Critical augment with an Alacrity one (even a 228 augment will be fine as this alacrity will mostly go to waste). This way you can keep using a 252 alacrity offhand and you don't need an extra 258 piece. The downside is that for now you will be running 1900+ alacrity. But if you have troubles getting 258 pieces, then you should absolutely follow Toraak's advice!