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My point was: if you are new and just learning, you're not going to be hitting anywhere close to the top anyway. Further, I argue that if you are experienced enough on the class, you are probably better served by practicing and playing with your rotation yourself, rather than combing through often simplified/generalized guides intended for beginners. Which is honestly not complicated, provided you are familiar enough with the class (and again, thus the comment on beginners).

Nowhere did i say anything about writing guides.
Sorry but old military lesson. What I was trying to say, like what they used to tell us. When you truly know or understand something, you can explain it or teach it to someone else, hence the comment about a guide. To me, the ones who write guides truly understand the class on a level I don't seem to be getting. I just figured you guys would rather a person know their own shortcomings and try to improve as they know how. Some guys can do exactly what you said from the beginning and learn that way. I like myself need help.
If playing around and learning my class is the key, the rotation I had was OK (to me) but everyone is saying "Its outdated" and never but "that good for open world leveling for example.