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Well, you say this, but just because you can play a class, mobs die and you don't, doesn't mean you "know" your class well enough to teach others. I think that's how bad guides are made. Like I said the "outdated" rotation was working fine for me and of course I wasn't in any raids since Dread Palace on my Sorc so I saw how much had changed always looking to improve. I just don't understand why ***** has to get complicated to be "enjoyable".
My point was: if you are new and just learning, you're not going to be hitting anywhere close to the top anyway. Further, I argue that if you are experienced enough on the class, you are probably better served by practicing and playing with your rotation yourself, rather than combing through often simplified/generalized guides intended for beginners. Which is honestly not complicated, provided you are familiar enough with the class (and again, thus the comment on beginners).

Nowhere did i say anything about writing guides.