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What are your thoughts on low alac high crit for veng? I geared mine before reading any guides (I PvE and PvP so I figured high crit would be a better balance) and ended up with 990 alac and 2100 crit. I know I'm over DR on crit, but my DPS has been satisfactory, usually outparse my guildies in raids with 247ilvl. Would it be worth the credits to dump some crit augs to go for the 1.4s GCD?
I personally prefer the 1860 alacrity and dump the rest in crit build (assuming you've met the 110% accuracy thing). The shorter GCD means I get more abilities off or something because my damage did increase.

Do note: the 1860 number is only feasible in full 248. Below that you will fall below the threshold.

I'd have to go do some math to talk about crit asymptotes as I dont really know what it is offhand. Now if you wanted to talk about tanks and defense rating offhand lol...

Anyway, I think this guide was written before we knew about the alacrity roundoff, and thus the discrepancy in optimal gearing strategy.