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The Jadus encounter at the end of Act I has been bugged (in some form or another) since launch. My first agent got to deal with invisible floors and objects on the bridge of his ship (making him untargetable unless you were up close) which made life as a sniper... "difficult".

You would think that with this specific encounter's track record with bugs, someone at Bioware or EA would be saying "No more bugs in Class Story Chapter Endings". Doubly so when they push for 12x XP and getting people leveled quickly by means of class quests only.

Oh yes. let's not forget, legendary achievement = every player must level up an Agent, and thus must go thru this encounter. In other words, before it was only those interested in playing Agents, now it's practically every player who gets exposed to Glaring Bugs In The Production Code.

I suppose since this is a quote bonus quest unquote it's not on the Quality Control people's radar.

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