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This thread needs way more attention.

I played SWTOR from day 1 up until about 2015 and I ran every op with an amazing raid team up until Shadow of Revan. At that point we just got burned out and everyone quit, then the disaster that was KoTFE and KoTET made me want to stay even further away from this game. So I hear that 6.0 made a lot of changes and here I am checking it all out.

So let me start out with this: I an a consular main. I have 4 sages (dps only cause I suck at healing) and 7 shadows (both tank and dps). this toons are for the specific purpose of having enough alts to run entire groups through full ops to get the gear they needed. It used to be that you could run DF and DP and get a full set of gear for a single toon, so I leveled enough shadows to fill a single tank spot and run people who didn't do prog raids through SM DF DP so that could at least get a set or gear. Ir was rewarding to help other people, and it was fun building comraderie among players.

So I come back in to 6.0... and I thought to myself... how am I going to gear all these shadows... turns out with this new gearing system, I was able to lvl one sage to 75 and get him to 306 in less than a week, send that gear to a shadow once they hit 75, and just have them geared in a day, next day another shadow, and so on. In about two weeks I have 11 toons in full 306 gear, and that includes tank and dps gear for all my shadows, an dI work a full time 40 hour job and only get 2-4 hours in the evenings and maybe 5 on the weekends, so it's not like this is me sitting in front of SWTOR for 16 hours a day grinding out toons and gear.

Now with that said, yes, gearing is super easy now. Was it fun and enjoyable to lvl and gear all those toons so fast? Absolutely not. it was the worst experience I have ever had in this game. It consisted of running more Hammer Station vet mode than I have ever run in my life. I did run an SnV, and I thought perfect, I will get the gear I need... nope... only the last boss dropped gear... I thought it was a bug at first, surely this cannot be right... why would anyone run any op if none of the bosses drop any gear, and the last boss only a chance to drop a gear piece??? So more vet hammer station... to infinity and beyond.

I mean honestly, did the devs really think that the player base would just run every random FP over and over, and not find the easiest quickest path? Do you not understand the player base that much? when you create content that forces the player to platform there way around a planet just to find a +2 endurance datacron that is hidden in some obscure location, do you really think those same players that accept that challenge to do things in odd and obscure ways are not going to do the same thing when it comes to gearing with this ridiculous system?

So yes, I agree with everyone else in this thread. This system is not it. I commend Bioware for trying something different, but this is not it. What I would have liked to have seen and what would have made more sense, is something along lines: Since every playable character had to spend 5 years in cryosleep due to the KoTET storyline, it would have made more sense to use that as more than just the lame story line that it was, but rather have your character actually be effected by that and introduce a whole new system with new skills, new sets, new individual story lines, new things to learn all over again; essentially rebooting the whole game, but that opportunity was missed, and now we have this **** storm to deal with.

Gear sets that are just meh... the old gear sets played into the actual skills and rotations of the class, these gear sets are more like ehhhh, you can use this one, but it's not that great, or you could use this other one but it's also not hat great... really you could use any of them because they are not that class specific... as a balance sage... why would I use force speed in order to buff my force skills??? 50% of my rotation is me standing still... throwing pebbles... telekenetic throw is THE highest damaging ability in the rotation... and you want me to use force speed ... so I can stand still... and get a dps boost from one channel of telekenetic throw??? Seriously... who came up with this crap? You're killing me Smalls!!!!

I get that people complained because they couldn't get the BIS gear from raid because they didn't have a raid group to run with that could get it, or someone in the pug group they joined left cause lockout and they couldn't finish it, or someone needed all of it and won it... well guess what? you actually already fixed that issue. The way gear drops now is nice... everyone has their drops... and only mats are rolled on... perfect... all you had to do was implement that, and bam, gear drops fixed. Now no one else can randomly roll on your gear piece that drops on a boss... and yeah sure, maybe you add in the random aspect too, so every time I run KP I don't get a drop that is just for me, maybe its a random chance, like greater than 50% chance, not a 0.00000001% chance on every boss. You make SM raids drop rate fairly high so pgs and casuals don't feel left out, but its lower lvl gear, BIS, but Tier 1 BIS, HM drops Tier 2 BIS, and NiM Teir 3 BIS, but HM and NiM are usual guaranteed drops, one per boss. If you want the better gear, you got to earn it, that is just how the world works. This participation trophy gearing is not it. it's not fun. it's not rewarding. it's not enjoyable. and it will not bring in more subscribers, do not fool yourselves or your stakeholders.
I mean, this is utterly ridiculous. You got 306 gear and you think you already have the best gear in the game.
I love this gearing system. I have never played so many of my toons. Playing specs i never thought id bother trying. Having fun doing whatever content i feel like and progressing my gear. Yes, because after ilvl you still got to get set bonuses, tacticals, augments and amps.

I will repeat. Some people are so engrained in the wow system they cannot fathom playing for fun, rather than a power carrot. Very sad.
With that said, i agree that exclusive cosmetics would be a good reward to make NiM more appealing, but i honestly really love this gearing system that gives me the freedom to do what i want rather than force me to raid X or Y. Never had so much fun in an mmo in a long time. I always got another toon to gear up or spec to try to add variety and flavor to what i feel like doing. Be it pvp or pve.
The only part that is boring is the vertical progression you do once. It kind of forces one to indeed spam FP's to keep up. That part wasnt fun and actually should be even easier cause the real gearing comes after that.

I will also tell you something. You miss being needed, cause running the same OP over and over with the same class sounds incredibly boring. I cant understand how you'd miss that. Now those people that you used to help are self suficient. You can focus on playing and doing whatever ops and role/class you want. This gearing system gives options, it doesnt take them away.