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Seriously though I really seldom watch too much "regular TV". And listen to the "NEWS ??? HA !! I already know that the world fill with graft and corruption. The weather reports are simple proof that GOD really does have a good sense of humor
By "regular TV" I mean the stuff you get on the common network commercial channels, although lately I haven't even been watching pay-to-watch channels like Crave. (I watch Crave online.)

The main thing that killed TV for me was commercials. Too many, too often, too repeated. Most people don't even realize that 1/4 of the time, TV is commercials. A 30 minute show has only 22 minutes of actual program, and that includes opening and closing titles/credits.

It's almost like smoking tobacco. You don't realize how much time and money you wasted on it until you quit.
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