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I would really love to see some new flagships added that can serve for the guild. I was also thinking you can purchase a flagship that you can use for yourself. Here are some ideas I have
1. Eternal Fleet Warship The interior would be similar to the one in "The Gemini Deception" chapter with the circular corridors, glass floors, and the sun generator. It will be a faction neutral flagship
2 Eternal Flagship The one seen in "The Battle of Odessen" Chapter. It will also be faction neutral,
3. Thranta Class Corvette and Terminis Class Destroyer. These would be smaller and will cost less to unlock them. Instead of a turbolift there would be a tram system to take you to different locations.

Tell me if you have any other ideas.
All my yes. If we are going with the larger/smaller guild ship options, the Eternal Flagship would be the large, the Eternal Battleship the smaller one.

Though, the implication of 3rd party flagships would need the ability for them to be open and available to both pub/imp sides for visiting.

THOUGH this would open up MANY options.

Freighters/Cargo haulers for more gritty groups (bounty hunters/smugglers)
Large luxury yachts/cruise liners based off the Phantom, for more posh/noble/corporate groups.
Maybe a large/small set based on Czerka?