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I get that things like Accuracy, K/D could be cheesed, at least artificially lowered, to increase the likelihood you would be paired against weaker opponents. The thing is, and again I’m assuming the optimal index is a combination of several parameters, doesn’t this auto-correct over time? I mean, if you consistently tank YOUR parameters to increase the chance of winning against noobs, and the strategy works, then your win% goes up and your comprehensive “score” goes up as well, ultimately putting you against people with similar scores. Over time your attempts to cheese down your accuracy will ultimately be ineffective. I think Drak and Verain make fair arguments for not using them as independent or solitary parameters. But, if you take two pilots with otherwise equal win%, how might you differentiate them?

I’m all for systems which minimize abuse. But I would also be interested in people’s thoughts on parameters that, in an ideal and honest world, would be useful to compare pilots.
You can cheese your accuracy down pretty easily by just firing a bunch of shots when you're traveling. You can have time to regen energy before you need it. Same deal with k/d, just eat more deaths than you have to in domination and suddenly it's a lot lower without significantly changing your chances of winning. It's great to use all of the above, but the one that tells the most is win rate. You can't cheese that one easily, and if you do then it's a self-correcting problem if you win a bunch.