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There's a very important difference between credit sinks and credit deletion (quite apart from the reputational damage). It's neatly expressed by a reference to the old saw about giving a man a fish (credit deleition) versus teaching a man to fish (credit-sink addition).

Credit deletion happens once, but does nothing to address the fundamental causes of the inflated economy, so the economy will (quite rapidly) reinflate.

Credit sink addition happens once, too, but keeps on removing credits from the economy. In essence, it *is* a way to address the causes because one of the causes is a lack of effective credit sinks. No, I can't guarantee that this or that or the other list of new / augmented credit sinks will actually be *enough*, but it will be better than doing nothing to address why the economy is inflated.
Hey, I'm sold and you're right.

Part of my unsaid reasoning for credit deletion, likely came from unknowns on certain issues, in which I was making assumptions. How long will this game be around? Assuming not too awfully long: What is development actually willing to do? What's a quick fix? Massive credit removal sounds reasonable (to me) assuming this game may not be around long and that it's easy to implement and the effects may last for a year(?). Good enough. However, the approach to fix the cause and not the symptom is definitely a better idea.

Of course maybe this game will be around fro 5+ more years...and hopefully it is.
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