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My gripe is that you list a bunch of red ship names but you don't really mean them. You have an Starguard (or Enforcer) build on top, and a Pike build on the bottom.

I would recommend either stating that they are Republic side only, or offer Empire alternatives in the crewman section- no one on Empire, for instance, can get Pinpointing (+6% Accuracy) AND Bypass, so special case the Empire recommendations (ex, recommending Bypass at the cost of Pinpointing, which IMO is terrible, or taking Wingman on Empire side and keeping Pinpointing and Firing Arc, which IMO is the better call). You should also name the crewmembers- saying "Get Bypass and get Pinpointing and get Extra Firing Arc" means "have Qyzen Fess as your offensive and Nadia Grell as your defensive", and it means nothing besides that, so say it!
Correct you are. I was lazy and based this off of an old template I had lying around on the hard drive. Reducing the Copilot options from 2-3 down to one created faction specific crew combos/impossibilities. I'll go fix it.
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