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11.11.2019 , 07:17 PM | #21
That whiner is probably on Balmorra! I say go check there! On my JC he wanted to rule and I was like 'Nope, not gonna happen!!! I'm getting dark side Vibes from ya!''

Zenith: nonsense , Gray Star taught me how to not fall for that 'Dark side' Stuff.

JC: huh..

Zenith : Gray Star wrote the Bible, did you know that ?

JC: Zzzz

Zenith: Gray star is amazing, let me tell you about that time we took down an IMP Fast Food place! They were trying to go vegan! Can you believe their atrocity ?! VEGAN!

JC: *gone coma*

Zenith: Oh yeah, Gray Star..I can talk about Gray Star all damn day....*Sigh*..Gray Star..

JC: *Gone dead, will respawn in 15sec*

Zenith : *Kick JC body* hey..are you listening ? I've got more to tell you about Gray Star!!

Balance in All Things
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