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I did! And not just out of curiosity.

My inquisitor is a depraved power hungry rattataki psycho (think Kaliyo's evil twin), and Andronikos always seemed like he's too nice for her. All the other romanceable dudes in the game are light side leaning as well. So when I saw that Khem has a flirt option, I was like YES! She finally found her soulmate! Curious to see where it goes.
Yay, I'm not alone in this! I'm so curious to see where it leads too... I sometimes like to think that the devs have a special surprise for this romance... I mean come on, THEY knew it would NOT be the most popular, there has to be more to this romance that meets the eye... or at least I like to think so. Its to much to hope for but can you imagine we get a unique new kissable Big/strong humanoid model after he finishes the death ritual to give himself to us like he said in an e-mail? *blush* Oh gosh.....
Or its Zash again trying a take our body like Valkorion though I imagine it will go very bad for her at this point since the Inquisitor has grown in power a lot since and is an expert against such assaults at this point (specially Darth Nox known as the "Death Devour" or Darth Imperious with his impenetrable "mind defenses")... Oh well I love this games stories, I'm sure Ill love anything the devs creative minds give us! haha lol

Thanks for taking the time and post your thoughts on this! Hopefully we will see each other in game!