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02.13.2020 , 09:12 PM | #1
I mean like why did the Devs even added that option, knowing full well almost no one would romance the homicidal beast. (At least most players I talk to in-game just laughs at me mentioning it and none I met romance it)

Unless they have a surprise development on that in the future...

What do you guys think?

Are the writers gonna pull twisted beauty and the beast and turn him male humanoid as a side effect of Zash sorcery? Or bring back Zash as a romance companion after she tried multiple times to kill you? You think Zash will pull another trick to switch with your body, one last time after the Nathema incident?

How many of you romance Khem Val?

I romance him only because I want to see were it leads if anywhere...AM I alone on this? lol