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Blaming class balance issues on lack of communication from Musco is silly. In addition that forums are public domain (and I am pretty certain devs at least glance over the forums), it only takes few PvP games to see where things stand. It is surely lack of commitment from BW devs and lack of funding from EA.
No the biggest problem in this game is lack of communication and biggest reason for that Musco is not doing his job. Do you expect devs will come to forums and get player feedbacks? No there is a group of guys for that and they are called community manager and sadly this game clown version of that instead of a real one.

Do you know why this game has lack of funding? Because it is not showing any improvement player and profit wise so EA as a profit oriented company cuts funds it is not a charity work. Why pvp servers were the first one dead before server merges? Because same problems were happeninig that time too so in a few years they did 0 improvements sadly Musco is not only useless he also a big problem games downfall.