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Blaming class balance issues on lack of communication from Musco is silly. In addition that forums are public domain (and I am pretty certain devs at least glance over the forums), it only takes few PvP games to see where things stand. It is surely lack of commitment from BW devs and lack of funding from EA.
Well your idea of where the blame ought to go is no more likely than his.

One thing we can all agree on though, no matter what is to blame the game has regressed over time to a shadow of it's self instead of evolving into what the game could have been.

I can't even get myself inspired to play anymore. I have not logged in for weeks, decided to do log in today and just mapping out how I need to gear up my healer discourages me from even bothering.

My healer has no gear set bonuses, and faces nothing but max geared players in the WZs right now. After shaking some rust off, my numbers are very pedestrian right now which tells me gears do matter, set bonuses do matter.

I asked how to gear up and everybody told me to run stealths through Red Reaper MM or do Hammer Station with group finder if I can't run stealths through it. lol this is how noobs are told to gear up on this game?

Game is total garbage now. When gearing up relies on cheesing FPs with stealth toons you know there's a major problem with the gearing system. "Play your way?" rofl.

At the very least there ought to be entry level gear sets that grant you bonuses in the WZs so at least you aren't behind others in that regard. They'd be better fit just having an entry set of gears to wear as soon as you hit 75 lvl so at least then, you aren't gimped too bad when you go to PVP.
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