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05.13.2019 , 01:56 PM | #23
LOL you guys actually do Ossus dailys for the RNG crate? sorry, that is sad.

its a worthless design, poorly designed and only a time waste. do what smart people are doing, we earn our crystals and we grind our weekly rep cap for 4 weeks. botta bing botta boom, only go back to ossus for crystals. you get 5 crystals a week, full rep means 1 full gear pieces a week, cept main/off and 3 piece sets (chest, glove,boot,leg) wb intro will give you main hand, 5 crystals will give you its next level and 2 weeks of solos and bazinga you have a 258 mainhand. want left side? you are in luck, every week, you get 2 timed missions, 2 UC, 1 WB, and 1 solos crystal. you need 2 for first buy, and 3 for 258