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Also, what Steve said.
I hate quoting myself, but just so that we reference available lore,
  1. There's nothing to indicate that the Builders of Iokath, the ones who designed all the superweapons including the Eternal Fleet, were exclusively Force-sensitive or that they were designed with Force-sensitives in mind.
  2. We can see examples of Rakatan technology being operated by non-Force sensitives, despite their obvious Force-origins. This is evident in the vanilla story both on Tatooine and Czerka corporation, but also in the Sith Inquisitor story and really everything on Belsavis.
  3. We see it again in the Revanties with the Forged Alliances flashpoints. The self-replicating army that Arkous and Darok were building was researched mostly by the Selkath scientist reverse engineering the Rakatan tech left behind on Manaan and not due to the scientists innate Force sensitivity

Therefore I think its established in game that its quite plausible that the Eternal Fleet is a purely technological construct, and doesn't require Force-sensitivity to command, even if we (wrongly, in my opinion) assume no strengthened connection to the Force remains for tech-class-based Outlanders post Valkorion's obliteration. Furthermore, even if the Fleet was engineered with a specific Force-based technology, it could still be operable by non-Force-sensitives with enough technical modifications.
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