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02.15.2020 , 12:16 AM | #1
So I was looking around my Alderaan Stronghold and noticed two things. First is that Binocular scanner you can use that is found to the right of the Killik Monarch's throne in the Killik Mound. You can scan the waterfall, Estate Building, Killik Mound, and some Thranta nests. Also found a Skeleton (probably the previous estate owner) with a crumbling note with these foul words written on it- "If there is a hell, damn that old man to it, and those Killiks! Who takes lenses?". So this got me thinking, is there some hidden achievement that grants something attached to the stronghold?? Also the Skeleton with the note only sometimes spawns in that Waterfall cave. But I would like to figure out if the Stronghold designers added a secret to it or that's just there to mess with us..